Recent Expansions

Recent Expansions

Business Expansions

Powhatan is a place where businesses grow. Here's some of Powhatan's recent business expansions. 

(2019) Benchmark Construction, a commercial construction company, expanded their building with 5,000 SF providing space for two additional tenants. 

(2019) AMP Electric, a residential and commercial electrical company, expanded into a new 1,600 SF space. 

(2019) Eagle Tele-Services, a call center for emergency roadside tire services for commercial trucking industry, expanded their training operations with a new 5,500 SF adjacent facility. 

(2019) Colony Construction, an asphalt construction company, expanded their footprint with a 21,000 SF maintenance shop expansion. 

(2019) Lignum Vitae North America, manufacturer of water lubricated wood bearings, expanded with a 9,000 SF production shop.

(2019) A & S Lawn and Land Care, Inc., a commercial property management company, expanded into a new 7,800 SF office and maintenance building in Oakbridge Industrial Park.

(2019) Powhatan Family Vision, an eye care center, expanded into a new 4,900 SF standalone building.  

(2019) Morris Steel, a fabricator of commercial and residential products, expanded with a 3,000 SF new office building. 

(2018) DRP Collision, an auto body repair specialist, expanded with a new paint shop.

(2018) Blue and Gray Storage, expanded their number of storage units with an additional 2,000 SF.